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Company Brief

Founded in 2000, at the turn of the millennium, The driving forces of our group are science and innovation to create sustainable solutions in the agriculture sector. They use environmentally friendly products like Bio-Fertilizers, Bio Stimulants, Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fungicides, Soil Conditioners, and Bio Pesticides to ensure long-term crop health solutions for future generations. Our constant goal is to provide farmers with the best solutions for dealing with the difficulties that the agriculture sector faces today.

In the perfect world, sustainability is critical, whether for the farmer, the consumer, or the retailer. Arihant Group aims to provide the coveted levels of sustainability in biological products by harnessing the power of naturally occurring nutrients and microorganisms that improve plant vigor and soil microbiome.

We create crop inputs that benefit the environment while also providing important financial returns to the customers. Our products can help growers improve nutrient efficiency and soil quality while increasing crop yield and quality.

Our Vision

To encourage farmers and their harvests to feed the world sustainably now and in the future.

Our mission statement encapsulates who we aim to be. At Arihant group, our company wants to assist farmers in reaching their objectives of feeding an ever-increasing population. Our main goal has always been and will continue to be to make ethical decisions that allow farmers to achieve their objectives while also safeguarding the environment.

Our Mission

To provide established plant healthcare solutions that boost agricultural output while also ensuring environmental sustainability and society,

We are all about our mission. At Arihant group, we are dedicated to assisting farmers in their endeavors. We concentrate on addressing and understanding the requirements and challenges of farmers to assist them in producing better, more productive crops. And we do so responsibly, and sustainably that does not hurt our world or its people.


We are fully aware with the benefits of our offered agro products which enable us to deliver excellent product performance and great returns on investment for our clients.

Our Vision and Mission

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