About Us

About Us

The primary driving force behind our success is a desire to advance plant science through agricultural technology and innovation. For more than two decades, the primary goal of our research has been to provide environmentally responsible, cost-effective, consistently, and simple-to-use crop care solutions. We can ensure the maximum return on investment and product performance for our customers by having a thorough understanding of the benefits of our agricultural products.

With the help of its products, Arihant Group prides itself on being a ruler in looking for solutions to boost plants and farmers alike, invigorating the crop and the life of a farmer.
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The primary factor which pushing our company towards our success, is our passion for advancing plant science along with agriculture technology and innovation. From the last several years, the main focus of our research & development activities is to constantly provide solutions which are cost effective, eco-friendly and can be easily used for crop care solutions.


At Arihant, sustainability is not limited to just agriculture but it is involved at the forefront of everything we do in our business. We truly believe that it is possible to improvise crop production & management along with assuring protection of the environment. We are dedicated to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability with the motive to advance crop production & plant protection science in a responsible manner.

Grower & Partner Focus

The main objective of our firm is to provide best crop protection agro products to the farmers and growers. To attain this objective, we have extended our services throughout the organization with the help of specialized sales force, R&D specialists and marketing team which are focused towards providing business partners, clients and growers with the best farm solution they require.

Our People

At Arihant, our innovative and effective agriculture solutions start with our people. The company wants our employees to feel supported, motivated and engaged which assist us in providing better service & support to our valuable customers.
The Four Principles



Sustainable agriculture from its core has to include all living ecological systems & cycles so that it work, grow and maintain them.



Fairness is characterized by justice, equality, respect and responsible care of the entire world, both amongst the people and their relationships with other living beings.



The principle of health underlines that the health of the people and communities is similar and cannot be separated from the health of whole ecosystem. Healthy soil produces healthy crops which foster the health of animals and human beings.



Sustainable agriculture should be managed in responsible and precautionary manner to protect the health of existing & future generations and a wholesome environment for all living beings.

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