Nano Fertilizer
The nano fertilizers offered by us are formulated using the process of grinding on urea and mixing it with assorted biofertilizers. These are appreciated for slow and regular release of the nutrients over a long period.
NPK Gel Fertilizer
The NPK Gel Fertilizers are organically activated that helps in ensuring improved uptake and movement of the nutrients. They have higher PK, NPK concentrations that help in root development, and all stages, including the fruit setting and color change.
Water Soluble Fertilizer
The application of water soluble fertilizers results in increased efficiency of nutrient uptake. This is because the losses that are caused by leaching volatilization are reduced drastically. These fertilizers deliver excellent growth during all crop stages.
Micro Nutrients Fertilizer
We are offering water soluble, transparent, and colorless micronutrients fertilizers that fulfill the nutrients requirements of the plants in a small and systematic way. These fertilizers are perfect for crops like wheat, paddy, sugarcane, coconut, cotton, and various vegetables.
Chelated Fertilizer
Chelated fertilizers are offered by us and are used in the place of traditional micronutrients since the latter ones get readily oxidized or precipitated. These fertilizers prevent the occurrence of undesirable reactions in the soil as well as solution.
Sulphur Fertilizer
We are offering sulphur fertilizers that are essential for the growth of fertile canola flowers, as well as for excellent nodule development on legume forages like alfalfa and pulse crop roots, especially pea.
Botanical Insecticide
Botanical insecticides like neem oil are a popular and traditional products for insect and pest control in agriculture and farming. These have several environmental benefits, which makes them better than the other pesticides.
Bio Fungicide
If you want eternal and deep-rooted protection to your crop and soil, then choose our range of bio fungicides. These are all-inclusive solutions which are implemented in the segment of crop disease control and management.
Soil Conditioner Granules
Soil conditioners can be organic, inorganic, or a mix of the two. Our soil conditioner granules are an efficient combination of the two, providing the advantages of organic materials while also improving soil health.

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